Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 4 Outdoor Adventure Games. 


Escape Room Plans for Sale

When we say "Escape Rooms for Sale" we are offering a room for sale that has been in use for months.  This means that thousands of players have played it and all the kinks are sorted out.  We are not just the designers of our games, we are a facility operator.  Thousands of hours have gone into perfecting these games.  


Floor Plans Showing the Location of Props and Puzzles

Detailed Story Lines and Explanation of Game Play

Download-able PDF Copies of Printed Materials For The Room

Download-able Digital Marketing Materials

Instructions on Assembly or Purchase of Game Pieces

Marketing Strategies

Booking Suggestions

Instructing Players Before the Game

The Importance and Instruction of the After Photo

Projected Potential Earnings

Support/Help Through Email, Phone and Skype


One Room Schoolhouse

This game was very popular with local teachers and class trips.  We designed a game that takes you back in time where all the kids were taught in the same room.  Armed with a big school bell, the teacher ushers you in the class and the day begins.  But the teacher is not going to let you go home until all the school work in complete. 

miss kitty.jpg

Miss Kitty's Parlour

This playful room suggests that Miss Kitty had several gentlemen callers.   The game take you on a path to discover how Miss Kitty allowed her suitors to leave, once she was done with them.   You feel as though you have gone back in time to the rough old west and part of the fun of this adventure in imagining you are in this time period. 

moonshine label2.jpg

Moonshine Shack

During prohibition times the production of moonshine was lucrative. But with money comes thieves.  Discover where that valuable moonshine is hidden. Only the masters of moonshine production will find the sweet reward.


The Sheriff's Office

It doesn't matter what law you broke, the Sheriff has you locked up in 2 different jail cells.  You will have to work together to bust out before the Sheriff comes back.  Locals know, he's a hanging Sheriff.  You don't want to be on his bad side.


Gold Rush Cabin

Once you find a nugget of gold, the joy quickly fades as you know that bandits will soon be at your door. Old Bill hid his treasure but booby-trapped his cabin.  Do you think you can find his gold nugget without getting trapped inside?

More Escape Rooms ....

The Old Saloon

You can always find the outlaw gang down at the Old Saloon.  Looks like the sheriff has mixed your group up with the outlaw gang because he has locked up the Saloon with your group inside.  You have to figure out how to open the door before he comes back and locks you up for good in his jail cell. 

The Old Orchard

Its apple season and you have been hired on at the local orchard.  Perhaps this is not the job for you but your boss must be desperate for apple pickers because he's locked you in the bunker for the night.  If you know your apples, you will be able to escape.

Old Fashioned Christmas

Granny sent you to her cabin to pick up the Christmas presents.  But Granny is a trickster and once inside you realize that she's locked the door from the outside and you have to find the key to escape.  You don't want to miss Christmas!  

 Background image by Jake Walling.