Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 2 Outdoor Adventure Games. 

The Escape Rooms

Each room has a different set of challenges and unique experiences. Our rooms take you back in time to when early settlers of our great country were hit with the gold rush days and some caught gold fever. Through a series of games, riddles, puzzles, locks and keys you and your teammates will try to overcome the challenge of escaping the room. Excitement builds as the clock ticks down and time runs out.


Rosie's Tavern

2 - 8 players-  45 minute challenge

Rosie has gone missing and bandits are about to break into her Tavern and steal her family's gold claims. Help her dear niece Shannon, by finding the gold claims and securing her family's inheritance. Be quick though, the lowdown dirty thieves are on their way.

This room has a 25% success rate.     Book Now



The Backhouse Poker Room

2 - 4 players-  45 minute challenge

Gambling is illegal in Eldorado so those that like to the play will have to sneak to the Backhouse Poker Room. Its a secret gambling room run by an eccentric old man who believes that if you are not smart enough to figure out where the key is to escape, you are not smart enough to gamble with him.  Prove your worth and escape within 45 minutes.

This room has a 5-10% success rate.         Book Now



Freak Show

The Freak Show

4 - 10 players-  60 minute challenge

 The Moose Head Theatre has a big show coming to town, The Freak Show!  You and your friends were so excited to see the show that you snuck into the theatre, but now you discovered that you are all locked in.  The stage manager left behind some directions of how to set up the theatre and the last step is using the key you find to escape out the backstage.  So your team must work together with the oddities of this theatre to discover you way out before the Sheriff finds you and locks you up for ticket thieving.   

This room has a 20% success rate.     Book Now




New Room - Coming Soon!

4 - 12 players-  60 minute challenge

This is going to be a good guys vs. bad guys room.  Grandma's gold is in danger.  Dirty rotten scoundrels (aka the bad guys) goal is to steal Grandma's gold.   Its your job (aka good guys) to find it and save it from the bad guys.  

This room hasn't has a success rate yet.   Book Now






 Background image by Jake Walling.