Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 2 Outdoor Adventure Games. 

The Shaft is a live interactive game to play at Escape Maze. Its based on an abandoned mine shaft and you must find your way through it without running into The Shaft People. They have been living underground a long time.

 NOW an hour-long adventure into the depths of creepiness.

THE ALL-NEW SHAFT is currently closed but will be open a special date each month starting in May.  After August we will close to make an  ALL-NEW SHAFT for the 2017 Halloween Season.

The next special date is
Saturday May 27th 2017
Saturday June 24th 2017
Saturday July 29th 2017

Saturday August 26th 2017


Review of The Shaft

 Background image by Jake Walling.