Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 4 Outdoor Adventure Games. 

The Escape Rooms

Each room has a different set of challenges and unique experiences. Our rooms take you back in time to when early settlers of our great country were hit with the gold rush days and some caught gold fever. Through a series of games, riddles, puzzles, locks and keys you and your teammates will try to overcome the challenge of escaping the room. Excitement builds as the clock ticks down and time runs out.

Cariboo Cameron

The Curious Case of Cariboo Cameron

2 - 8 players-  60 minute challenge

Cariboo Cameron's story is one of love and the lust for gold. He traveled to the Cariboo region looking to strike it rich. His wife became ill and died during his pursuit. In an effort to fulfill his wife's dying wish, he transported her coffin through the treacherous Rocky Mountains, down the Pacific Ocean coast, across Panama, up the Atlantic coast to New York and traveled by land to Cornwall to bury it in her hometown. It was an act of love, or was it? The officials at the custom office in New York noted that the coffin weighed over 400 pounds. That was 4 times her body weight. Even though the officials could be bribed with a couple gold nuggets, the question remained, “What is really in that coffin?”.

Electric City Sabotage

Electric City Sabotage

3 - 9 players-  60 minute challenge

Its 1870 and gas lighting is coming to Peterborough to light up our streets. Some folks have not taken too kindly to this new invention and think its too dangerous for our streets. On the eve of the big celebratory lighting of the town, the workshop has been broken into. Sabotage has taken place. A crowd has already gathered outside for the celebration. Can you and your team be the heroes and correct the wrong-doings in the shop to get the gas turned on to the streets for the big reveal?

apothecary+crisis website.jpg

Apothecary Crisis

2 - 4 players-  60 minute challenge

Apothecary shoppe owner, A. McPhail and Sandford Fleming had to go to Hamilton to take care of Dr. John Hutchison. The doctor had one of his attacks and they need to get him safely back home. Once they got there they sent a telegram to you to get into McPhail's Apothecary Shoppe and find some special ingredients he's made to help the doctor with his attacks. Once you figure out the right ingredients to send, you need to figure out the quickest way to ship it to him. We need to get his medication to him fast because Dr. Hutchison is the only doctor in Peterborough.

 Background image by Jake Walling.