Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 4 Outdoor Adventure Games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Questions:

What age is recommended for the escape room challenge?

Its recommended that a player be older than 13 years old.

Can I bring my baby into the room?

Its not recommended to bring little ones into the room. The room is not baby-proofed and we wouldn’t want you to diminish the experience of the challenge in watching the baby.  If you like to bring your baby in there with you, it's fine by us.

How do I cancel or reschedule my booking?

There is a button on your confirmation email that allows you to change or cancel your booking. You can also call or email us.

How do I book a time to take the escape room challenge?

Please go to our online booking page, pick the room you want and simply fill in the form. For same day bookings, you must call us at 705-740-3657

What forms of payment do we accept?

We do accept cash or credit cards.  We do NOT accept debit cards.

Can we change the amount of participants?

You can change the amount of participants, keeping in mind the amount of people recommended for the room.  Please bring cash to the site for the added participants.

Is it just my group and I that are in the room or will there be others at the same time?

Once you booked the room, it will be just your group in the room.

I have a group to book but the room has a limit of 8?

To book groups please send an email to or call 705-740-3657

I wanted to book today but the site doesn't let me?

Same day bookings are possible, depending on availability. Please call 705-740-3657 or text the same number.

Escape Room Questions:

Can we bring electronic devices into the room?

No electronic devices or lighters allowed in the room.

What if I don’t feel well during the game and want to leave?

You can leave the room at any time. None of the doors are locked.

How much time do we get to escape the room?

We have 45 minute and 1 hours challenges.

Can we extend the time in the room to complete the challenge?

No. The challenge is to escape within the allotted time.

What if we arrive late?

Arriving late means a reduced time for your challenge or possibly missing your challenge altogether depending on the day’s booking schedule. Call if you are going to be late and we will do our best to accomodate you.

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive at our location 5 minutes before your scheduled time to complete payment.


 Escape Maze

Where are you located?

156 Cedar Bank Road, Peterborough, ON Canada K9J 6Y3

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