Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 4 Outdoor Adventure Games. 

Escape Rooms:  
$25.00 per player - 45 minute games
$28.00 per player - 1 hour games

Outdoor Adventure Games:    
$25.00 per player   $15.00 per child 13 and under
Family Price $80.00 includes 2 adults and up to 6 children

The Shaft:  
$28.00 per player


If you would like to pay by credit card you can do so at the time of booking online or you can use your credit card , tap debit card or cash at our Escape Maze location.
We can only accept TAP DEBIT cards at our Escape Maze.

 Background image by Jake Walling.