Escape Maze

Escape Maze is a fun place with several live, interactive games to play.

We have 4 Escape Rooms, a Haunted Adventure called The Shaft and 4 Outdoor Adventure Games. 

The Shaft

When investors pulled out of the nearby gold mine and it closed down it became the new site for Dr. Claude Corbeau’s laboratory. Corbeau Industries specializes in creating oddities and medical anomalies for sale to freak shows and curiosity collectors around the world. The local villagers appreciate that Dr. Corbeau moved his lab safely underground where his manufactured beasts are securely contained. One of their biggest clients, the Hunterian Museum has sent you to inspect the facility and meet the newest creation. Corbeau Industries is available for tours for a limited time.

The Shaft is an hour-long adventure into the depths of creepiness. 

Come in groups from 2 to 6 courageous players. 

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 Background image by Jake Walling.